That old school kind of love…

The old school way, dedication to my readers: Old School Love- Lupe Fiasco ft Ed Sheeren

Old School by Maggie Chideme

I wish that…

I miss that…

Wait all day to watch me walk

Have all day to hear me talk

Write all day to make me yours

PS: Babie be mine

Tell me how much you like my style

Take mental pictures il be your muse

Stimulate my mind with verbal views

Take your time…

Show me i’m worth it

I wish that

I miss that

That old school kind of love.

I smile when i think about old school love. I’m smiling now… The memories leave a trail of warm fuzzy sensations in my heart…you know… like the way you feel when you hear that song that just takes you back…waaaay back…back into time:-) The long walk to the shops was never lonely for a budding teenage girl or a beautiful young lady with suitors patiently waiting for her to come out so that they could have a chance to talk to her…if they didn’t have the guts to approach her, they would secretly watch her pass by. They would pretend to be chatting with their friends, “minding their own business” but with the corner of their eye glued on her… or maybe play basketball in the way that she would have to pass through. And when she did pass by, time would stop, each step she took like a breath of fresh air. The chap would return home so satisfied with all the memory of her he would have collected that day…enough to replay in his day dreams until he saw her again the next day…at 10am.

Sometimes a girl would be aware of that cute guy who was always by the bridge or by that corner every time she went to the shops… at 10am of course. There were no cellphones back then so she would create an obvious timetable for her admirer to follow so that he wouldn’t miss her or she wouldn’t miss him. Her heart would thump as she got closer to where he’d be. “Please don’t let me miss my step…please don’t let me miss my step…” she would whisper to herself as she passed him. Depending on how cute she felt that day, she could throw in a bonus sway to her hips, walking to the theme song playing in her head. If his gods were with him that day, and shes feeling a little daring and sassy…she could flash him a beautiful smile as their eyes met. She would walk away thinking “Will he talk to me today?” And most times he wouldn’t for what seemed like an eternity and each day they would dance to the pattern of a beautiful infatuation.

Then one day for the lucky and brave, he would pick up his balls dragging timidly on the floor and get the guts to go and talk to her. “Hie…can i walk with you?” And that would be the beginning of potentially their first love…their old school type of love. It would be the beginning of long hours of writing the perfect love letter…of trying to describe to this person how they made them feel. It was the beginning of lost dazes outside the window during class as a day dream unfolded sweetly. It was the beginning of magical sensations as they held hands for the first time and the genuine smiles filled with pure joy that radiated untainted, straight from their heart to their eyes. And then came the kiss…that light caress to the skin on their lips…then… they’d stop breathing… in fear of letting that moment pass…holding on to it for as long as they could. Oh!!! How i miss that old school type of love…when hopes of love were high…when heartbreak didn’t exist in the future for the optimistic young lovers full of dreams…before real life slapped them in the face.

I hope i took you back. I hope i made you smile. Tell me, who gave you that old school kind of love ?

6 thoughts on “That old school kind of love…”

  1. “There were no cellphones back then so she would create an obvious timetable for her admirer to follow so that he wouldn’t miss her or she wouldn’t miss him.” – Oh! Wow! I had no idea you girls created schedules to suite your suitor. That was smart. Here we thought that it was simply a case of you having a structure to life. I am trying to remember the names of your “old” school loves, but all I can do I recall their faces. I remember one guy was into ball so I assume that your relationship with him is the framework for this story? Anyway, thanks for taking back to Flame Lily Dr, Fennel Ave, and who can forget the fun we had in Caraway St! Hahaha this takes me back to the Karen’s of those days and the Melisa’s (that was that girl who sized me up and then summoned me with her finger). Its funny how for me it was a time in which I never dragged my balls to chat to a girl, I figured, she either wanted to talk to you or she didn’t…either way the ball has to be in her court! Thanks for the trip!


    1. Hahaha omg yesss….and Melissas’ summon was classic. This was definitely inspired by our episodes…M parks finest. Life was good lol. Sam do you remember thats how i met you and your basketball, on my way to the shops and the next thing you are knocking on my gate to make a case for your friend Malvin 😂😂😂


  2. Hie Maggie,

    Thanks for the beautiful writing which made me reminiscent of my old school days love…you made me walk that walk again, imagined myself with my first lover coming from “the well” to fetch some water…ufyouknowyouknow…the rest is history.

    Yours makes the most fascinating reading Maggie. Keep writing ✍.


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