Bare Chapter 11-13

Bare Chapter 11 :

Heart Opener

The older i get, the more of a “nerd” im becoming. I blame most of this on the weird conversations that i had with Laura Munodawafa my cousin, a few years ago, who is like an encyclopedia. We spent hours talking on her veranda in Melbereign drinking wine and eating top deck chocolate about the weirdest things u can think of lol.I have slowly turned into her by watching and reading all sorts of material. You should see me watching Stephen Hawkins’ shows about scientific discoveries…i will be completely glued and engrossed and my heart will be beating at an incredible speed with excitement of whatever new discovery i would be watching..I have a curious hungry mind thats keeps me searching for the answers for the different mysteries that surround us. My latest obsession is about space of late. I watch the stars at night when i can with my daughter and i love doing that with her coz she asks me questions that make me think of something i would have never otherwise thought of like, where is the moons’ dad, mommy? A child’s mind is so refreshing to be around because its full of fresh untainted ideas and questions…its like seeing the world with a new pair of eyes to give you a different perspective to your own tainted one. Unfortunately we have dismissed children’s minds as “childish” yet there is power in thinking that way….its creative power because its new and not conditioned by years of socialization.

So i was watching this space video sometime today on YouTube and my God, i literally almost had a heart attack coz my heart was beating too fast….when i watch the stars and im stressed, im reminded of how trivial my current problem is and how small i am compared to the majesty of the Majestic the God i believe in is, to not know about my problem and not have a solution already even before i ask for help….How vast this universe infinite…how i have no inkling of the bigger picture of my life alone. I’m also reminded that this universe was intricately designed by a Creator that cannot be boxed into a single or in multiple or million verbal descriptions…so intricately designed such that as small as i am, my small daily decisions have a butterfly effect on so many lives i may not know of. How maybe this piece of collected words im writing now can affect someone and another from them and so forth so my life as small as it is, as seemingly insignificant is yet also majestic because there is 1 in 400trillion for me to be born again as me…and that i am a part of a plan.Scientist have discovered that the universe might be infinite and that it seems like there is some order to it all, pointing to a God or Intelligence directing it all…everything is so intricate in design its unbelievable yet grand in collection…the paradox bring tears to my eyes coz only my soul can grasp its beauty and my mind cannot fully comprehend it…from our weather, to the conditions of our existence. If the pull of gravity was a millionth off the current settings, we could not exist…how each thing…every single thing in this universe is unique and there in an infinite unique things…this just blows my mind completely..DNA was discovered to have an intelligence in it…God has a vision for creation encoded in every single living or dead thing…there is a plan to it all, even before you were complete…a vision encoded in my DNA and my unique fingerprints that cannot be ever reproduced in another being again…im that small and also that unique and a part of this master plan by this unfathomable Creator. That’s what space reminds me of…of my own potential and strength and the absolute magic of life. And i know and have faith that everything is unfolding the way its supposed to. I was created intentionally and even when things don’t seem to be falling in place or are confusing, there is a plan…the vision is already encoded in me and i have this great and noble responsibility to live it out to its completeness…i have no choice than to live out my purpose. I am a manifestation of Gods vision of me and He has one unique vision of me…i just can’t…its huge.

I had a dream a few days ago whereby i dreamt we were in this world of darkness and death and fear…i was so afraid such that at some point i surpassed fear by deciding that i was going to fight this darkness in search for light with 2 other people who were in my dream. So it was kinda movie style this dream and i think there was vampires or a virus that could be transmitted from a bite we were constantly running from people with this virus….but when we decided we were going to fight this, we traveled and found was just a few roads away, literally….we found a part of the world that was normal. We even discovered you could be healed from this virus if you intentionally asked for this healing yourself. I remember thinking in my dream…wow, we were living in a box…how did we not know this other part and these strengths were possible…that we had the healing power within us. It was a strange dream but i woke up with that lesson. That your world and problems are just a boxed up version of reality…there is more beyond the limitations of our mental prisons. Can you imagine if u could view your experiences in their completeness how your purpose and life could change?…instead of seeing the road thats only in-front of you, you see you walking on this path from a satellite point of view…from a universal point of view…from a space point of view…can you see little you walking in a path from planet earth…how do your opportunities grow? How do the possibilities change when you can see all the roads that are available for you to walk in, coz in reality, from a space point of view, there are many roads…yet when you are walking in that road oblivious to the bigger picture, you only see that one road for as far your eyes can see, which is not very far…you see the hurdles right in front of you but not the solutions ahead. I mean wow, space is real…far realer than the 4 walls you see surround you. There is a bigger picture to all this and there is absolute magic in that…endless hope and majestic awesomeness. Amen!!!


Bare Chapter 12:  Day 7: 30 day love letters to myself

Dear Maggie

I don’t know why its been so hard to keep writing these love letters to you but a promise is a promise, so il pick up from where i left off. I want to tell you that i love your mind. I love the magic that lives and plays in your mind. I love the magic in your eyes and the magic in your heart. Let that shine through always.

Love always



Bare Chapter 13….


I really need people to take responsibility for the kind of energy they are bringing to me…i need to learn to do that…and hold them accountable for it. There are people who literally drain the life out of someone because they themselves are leaking of energy and are trying to feed off of you to replenish themselves…unintentionally of course most of the time…then there are people who just bring hope and love and laughter and light. You can tell this when you meet someone the very first time and you can name those in your life currently who do that…this is not for you to develop resentment towards them but to empower yourself to know what you can accept in your life and what you shouldn’t accept…with all due respect. I sure hope i can learn to also take responsibility for the kind of energy i give out to the world.I have consciously started to try to do that….i will consciously be better at it tomorrow and each day im given to live.

I haven’t ran in a while…i haven’t written too and i have been feeling tired and drained of late. When i feel that way i know im off track somehow somewhere…either im the bad energy or someone is dracularizing my energy lol… but tomorrow morning im running again. When i run now, i visualize light flowing through me and i visualize this light radiating around me as far as possible until it fills infinite space. Then everyone i pass when i run, i bless them. I intentionally send good energy and vibes to them and bless them and their day. Running has become a spiritual practice for me…just as writing has been for me…for me thats more real a prayer than most things i have tried in the name and face of prayer…forever grateful Mark T T Muzariri and don’t forget to bless a stranger today. I surely bless you…just because!!!!



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