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I have always been intrigued by art. I like the stories that art tells in music, photography, painting, sculpting …i like relating to those stories…or being enlightened by them…i find how people experience things differently interesting…or how the same object or situation can be explained or portrayed differently by each person…thats when i realize we are all the same and one in the way that we can relate to each other…but also that perception is only your reality…the oxymoron of life….I have particularly loved art and photography by my cousin Sylvia, my brother Nigel, my friend Last and Michelle Fortmann who took my wedding pictures. I hope to discover and share more of my favorite artsy stuff and artsy people :)…enjoy and tell your own story …don’t forget to share that story with me too 🙂


I see a picture with a collection of old TVs, radios, computers near what looks like an old building. Its a story of change to me…out with the old and in with the new…photography by Nigel Tadyanehondo


I love this picture for obvious reasons : ) its a picture of my little girl Ava. I was giving her a bath and my little brother just came with his camera and shoved me to the side (i guess i wasn’t inspirational enough to be part of the picture lol)…and he came up with this gorgeous cherish it forever…photography by Nigel Tadyanehondo

brussels street

This is a picture of a street in Brussels by my little brother on one of his visits there. I just love how those cars are parked facing that one direction and the way that street narrows at the end…you can never see clearly whats in your future from afar until you get there…living for the present!!!…photography by Nigel Tadyanehondo


This is such a clever picture i think. I used this for my post titled Reflections. It depicts perfectly what i wanted to say. Notice how that house is upright in real life yet through that glass ball its upside down…the world will only be exactly as you choose to see it…release the world…people…circumstances as you know them and be open minded and it will become a whole new world for you….photography by Nigel Tadyanehondo


This is a new picture by Nigel. Its a geometric picture and forces my brain to find patterns in it..What i found so intriguing was that little sign under the lights written “way out” with the arrow pointing up…call me weird but i took it as a sign for my own personal circumstance right now…when things are so tough and everything seems to be going down (staircases)… the only way out is up…where the light is : ) God speaks to us everyday in seemingly meaningless ways…photography by Nigel Tadyanehondo


It took me a moment to figure this picture out when my brother shared it with me…can you see that the reflection is the top one..?..the real picture is below 🙂 We face so many things that can deceive us in life…always watch for whats real and whats only a reflection of reality…the reflection will always be blurred and reality clear as by Nigel Tadyanehondo…see more on instagram N.X.N Photography


This one above is so interesting to me. I keep wondering how my cousin Sylvia took this one…I keep turning my head to look at the picture from the side, from below lol…she calls it “prevail” and i wonder why…i hope she shares with us…but this is what i see…i see the beauty in cracks…i see life coming out from cracks, the plants growing from the cracks..and this is what i think…there is beauty in weaknesses…no one is perfect…depending on how you deal with and experience those weaknesses, those weaknesses can make you stronger and something beautiful can grow out of it and give you more life…photography by Sylvia Munodawafa…”Prevail”..


I cannot figure this one out. I can’t imagine what Sylvia was taking a picture of. I am  just intrigued by the mystery…i think of footprints first then i think the liquid is chocolate though…chocolate syrup…this picture makes me think of chocolate syrup with its brownness and syrupyness…yumm…Photography by Sylvia Munodawafa


I absolutely love… love this picture. It was taken by my friend Donald. I see love in this picture. Any mother can relate to this picture…I will call it “Mothers Love”….Photography by Donald Jemwa.


Everyone needs a little luck from a four leaf clover…Photography by Sylvia Munodawafa


I just like this picture. I don’t know why…the only word that comes to my mind when i look at this picture is “Grounded”….Photography by Donald Jemwa.


On top of being a great photographer, my cousin Sylvia is a great painter. She calls it “Feliz día de San Valentín” and i have no idea what that means lol…Check her out on Instagram artislife_28 or Vakoma Art…Painting by Sylvia Munodawafa


You have got to appreciate the little things in life to be able to see little things like these noticing butterflies everyday or little flowers here and there…this a little lost leaf to me…ambitious enough to think it belongs with the trees…who knows…maybe it does….Photography by Donald Jemwa. Check out more of his pictures on instagram @ Mr Last.


I see a sunset in this painting..i wonder what you see…”Hello My Sunshine” By Sylvia Munodawafa


I wonder what this is…drops of water? On glass? Melting snow..?then my eye keeps focusing more on the blurred white patch below…Photography by Sylvia Munodawafa


I see a lot in this picture…i see the ocean..then i see snowy mountains…i also see the galaxy : ) Sylvia calls it “Crossroads”…i see crossroads too…By Sylvia Munodawafa


Ok so this is obviously a cock. Lol but a beautiful picture of a proud cock  that seems to be confident enough that no one is going to catch it and eat owns its world despite its nature (food to people like me lol)…Photography By Sylvia Munodawafa


This is a picture of me on my wedding day. I really like this picture. I think every bride on their wedding will have a moment or two of looking out of the window and thinking…reflecting…Photography by Michelle Fortmann


I see 2 guardians watching over something precious, almost like parents watching over and protecting their baby.. Painting by Sylvia M (im getting tired of typing the whole surname over and over again lol..its sooo long) she calls this painting “My Muse”


“My new canvas” by Sylvia Munodawafa. Beautiful nature…natural art…


This is a beautiful picture of my aunt. I see beauty and happiness in this picture. Photography by Sylvia Munodawafa



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