Bare Chapter 14 -15

Bare Chapter 14 …

Find your light..written for me and for YOU

I think the worst type of death is spiritual death especially if its a spiritual suicide. What do i mean? I mean we are encoded with some passion and dream and a truth that each breath we breathe gives us an opportunity to reveal. And there’s a sacred mystery about this truth for everyone which makes it even more exquisite and beautiful coz its rare…it only exists in you. Its paradoxically the beauty and the pain of it thats awesome and tragic because once its lost, it can never manifest itself any other way coz it was only meant to come out through you. I think if we looked at the sacredness of our truth like that, we would see it through .The thing that keeps us awake at night…that force within us crying to come out that we have stifled in silence.When we ignore, conform to a universal “truth”, yet we denounce and dishonor our very own sacredness. We dishonor the God trying to reveal himself through us. We have lived almost in an automated state…living life daily doing empty and meaningless tasks…jobs that we absolutely hate…relationships that dishonour our worth…we have forgotten who we are. We have lost faith in the magic of life and forgot the power that is latent in failure, falling and mistakes. For there is no failure unless we give up and each fall is enveloped by a potential rise…each mistake pregnant with opportunity for growth…We have become so scared to even try inorder to avoid any disappointment. We have spiritually died. living in a fake shell of an imposter of our true self…we let our candle blow out coz of the pain and disappointment and we have ignored our still inner compass and voice and our lives have lost the wonder and the potential of greatness within us…thats worse than death itself. Its more important to find your light…more important to honor your feelings and desires…if your cup doesnt overflow, anything else you are giving out to the world is a mug of poison and lies…Your honest true pure voice is more important than the voices of others that you hear about yourself because its only you who knows what you desire..only you knows the purpose of your existence…u just are not willing yet to find it..u need not excuse yourself from the automated patterns of society…neither do you need to explain and apologise for your unique path chosen…Knowing who you are and following it through is a greater service to humanity because YOU are the only you…Listen…Believe and Know…no matter the consequences…follow it through xoxox



Bare page 15 : Lifeline Foundation

So Lifeline Foundation has been in motion in my heart, mind and spirit for a while now like many things and ideas iv let slip by without making them tangible or a reality. I have been waiting for the right time, for me to be in the right place in life…right amount of money etc. But i know il never do it if i keep waiting and its too important for me not to do anything about it.

By announcing my foundation, i believe im starting the creation process. Lifeline Foundation is a foundation dedicated in bringing awareness to conscious living and living with purpose. Its intention is to feed the soul, awaken the human experience and to bring about healing right from the core..It came partly from realizing that a lot of people felt empty in a lot of ways and how the graveyards are full of stolen dreams and unrealized potential. Some of this emptiness manifests in depression, anxiety, overeating and a bunch of other diseases. Zimbabwe right now has people living in anxiety and stress…a lot of young people are dying suddenly and i strongly believe a lot of it has to do with emptiness, loss of hope and faith. Most people end up not doing the things they are most passionate about and im passionate about waking that passion again and setting it on fire…boom!!! At first i wanted to bring awareness to those diseases but i did not want the focus to be on the disease but the cure.The blog Maggie’s Diary is meant for that cause and any writing that i will ever do in future.

And starting next week Monday im starting a running club in Mutare. Any woman or man, child.. who has been struggling with their weight and wants start a healthy program can join us. I only have 2 people currently (who don’t know its a club yet kkkk) and hopefully i wont be the only one in the club lool. I will be if i have to lol but i think i have found the cause of why i struggled with my weight and why i have managed to maintain it. Running has a lot to do with it. So i want to share my solutions and whats worked for me. So those in Mutare, let me know if you are interested.

Some of my posts have had people sending me messages in my inbox for advise or to just talk so please feel free to email me on or inbox me on FB . Follow Lifeline on Twitter, Margaret Chideme @ Lifelinezw (is that how u write twitter names?) hameno lol…and dont forget to follow the blog on for all my personal life experiences and thoughts on issues that matter to me. I will also be starting a youtube channel this month…who says i need tonnes of money for this…shoot, im doing this 🙂

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