The Bucket list

“Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.” Prince Ea

Its important to live a worthy life. I want to experience the beauty of this earth while i still can and to have a hell of a time living this amazing life!!! I was inspired by a story of these guys who went on a quest to experience their bucket list with very minimal resources soon after college but their story fascinated a lot of people world wide and the universe somehow bent over and made it happen for them. People from all over the world pulled resources for them as they went through their journey and what a bucket list experience they had!!!I have learnt that with life you do not have to wait for any and every resource you need to be available for you to achieve anything. I know i sound like iv been smoking some pot but i have had experiences whereby when i told myself id do something not knowing how i would make it happen but that conviction and taking the first step led me to the next and the next and so on until that idea became reality. So wish me luck. I will share my experiences as i go.


  1. Travel to Bora Bora
  2. Travel to France
  3. Travel to Spain
  4. Travel to Egypt
  5. Travel to Zanzibar
  6. Float in the dead sea
  7. Swim in the blue lagoon
  8. Go to Mecca
  9. Learn a martial art
  10. Have a spiritual trip to India
  11. Have a spiritual trip to Israel
  12. Horse riding on a beach
  13. Write a book and publish it
  14. Learn Spanish
  15. Learn French
  16. Learn Mandarin
  17. Do a masters degree
  18. Visit all continents
  19. Visit Japan
  20. Bungee jump
  21. Sky dive
  22. Run 21km in Victoria Falls
  23. Run 21km in Kariba
  24. Stand under a waterfall
  25. Learn to surf
  26. Learn to swim
  27. Get into cycling
  28. Take part in a triathlon
  29. Zip line over Victoria Falls
  30. Ride a hot air balloon
  31. Walk on hot coal
  32. Go sea diving
  33. Ride an elephant
  34. Climb part or all of Kilimanjaro
  35. Kiss in the rain
  36. Relax in a hot spring
  37. Visit an island
  38. Visit a country on my own that speaks a different language
  39. Back pack with Ava (when she is older) across the world
  40. Swim with dolphins
  41. Go to UK to visit family
  42. Whale watching
  43. Meet someone inspirational/famous and take a picture (Strive Masiyiwa, Oprah)
  44. Scream and shout on top of a mountain
  45. Go for a super soul Sunday session
  46. Go to HIFA
  47. Go for an art exhibition
  48. Take an art class
  49. Paint
  50. Learn how to play the guitar
  51. Work on a pottery wheel
  52. Throw a birthday party for myself with a theme
  53. Learn to ride a motorbike
  54. Buy a motorbike
  55. Do yoga on a mountain overlooking a view
  56. Go for a carnival
  57. Read the book before watching the movie
  58. Watch a broadway play
  59. Go for Opera all dressed up
  60. Go for Olympics
  61. Go for a World Cup
  62. Watch a huge NBA match
  63. Watch an exciting boxing match
  64. Watch a huge NFL match
  65. Have a family photo shoot
  66. Take a mud bath
  67. Go for a fashion show
  68. Do body painting
  69. Go wine tasting
  70. Have a chef cook a romantic candle lit dinner
  71. Meet a spiritual teacher and have a conversation with them
  72. Live with monks for a few days
  73. Have a snow fight
  74. Drive a racing car
  75. Learn how to shoot
  76. Drive in the desert
  77. Volunteer in a war torn country
  78. Adopt or foster a child
  79. Learn how to dance pasada
  80. Go skiing
  81. Start a running club
  82. Have a flower garden
  83. Have an organic vegetable garden

What i managed to do so far

This is #17. I got my Masters Degree in June of 2018 from Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe. I wrote the bucket list in 2016 and started the degree later that year. This was a proud moment for me because not only did i graduate in record time of 1 and a half years a program meant to take 2 years to complete but i started the program with no idea how i would pay for it. I couldn’t afford it. I never missed an exam for non payment. Somehow i got it done. Go figure πŸ™‚

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