Broken hearts

What do you do when you feel completely lost?

When the dreams that used to push you before don’t push you anymore. What do you do when you no longer know where to go, where your true North is. When your compass stops talking to you and stops showing you where to go. How do you smile at dawn, at the break of light when fear cripples and clouds your days? When purpose feels empty, when talking about it seems futile and when you have no strength to fight. What do you do when you feel you’ve lost too many times. When you have lost a life? When life has beaten you to a pulp. Where does a shattered heart go? When each decision feels like a strife, do the angels ever come down and heal a heart, touch them exactly where it hurts and scars, where does a broken heart go? Where does a broken soul go? When religion is no longer a place of solace, when love no longer feels safe, when a friends shoulder is now a dangerous place, when it’s all tainted and wild. When the world is a ball of pain and being kind is only a show by the meek and weak and the strongest are those who do not care. When brokenness, pain and a lost life is now a story to laugh about on Twitter when they give up on life? Where does a broken life go?

The lucky broken hearts get past their own pain and shine. Some drown their sorrows to waste in alcohol, pills and drugs. Others feel better when they hurt those they love and others shy away from everything and hide,their beautiful rainbows in boxes iced solid shut.

May all broken hearts find solace. May the parents of the kids lost in the Nyanga accident find their way to light. May those suffering from addiction and depression find peace. May the souls of those who couldn’t heal from a broken heart and gave up on life find eternal peace. May those still alive find a way to thrive.

My broken heart comes here to write ❤️

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