The wound and the light

So i had abandoned this website for years. I created it, used it to heal and i moved on to another phase of growth. You see, most of my writing is instinctive. I follow my intuition and the whispers that move me into action on how to express and share my intimate thoughts with the world…my world. If my lover demands to express themself on top of the mountain then i gladly listen, but sometimes this love affair is selfish and requires solitude. When the time of solitude came, i enveloped myself into poetry. Id always written poetry but this became my main way of written expression for the past few years. I poured out all my pain, joy, thoughts, desires and experiences into my poetry and decided to compile a book from them which im excited to say is almost out.

The thing with how i write poetry is that its very authentic. It is my truth. I cannot write something i do not truly feel or believe. I usually don’t share those because they are the most intimate part of my writing. Im strong, im sexy, im weak, im ugly when im a poet. Im my most true self and all the beautiful and ugly truth comes out. Its a very vulnerable position for me to decide to put this book out there because then i open up my thoughts to everyone and anyone. Its like putting my diary out there for people to read and judge. Its both an exciting and scary time for me. I will probably release more books after this one but this one tugs at my heart strings. Im so attached to it and each step has been surreal for me. I almost feel that with this book, im stepping into my light finally. It may not be a best seller, maybe a few hands and minds will experience its caressing words but i feel my work would have really began…like really began.

Thinking of where i have come from, from the woman who once wouldn’t want to come out of her house because of the fear and pain i felt of the judgement i faced within my community to the woman brave enough to pour out her heart to the world is amazing to me. I have come a long way. It also feels like i was being prepared for it internally. All my fears, pain, joy, searching became this beautiful book. I say beautiful before you get to read it because i truly believe in its power because its words have freed me. Word by word, moment by moment i slowly glided into myself. I feel comfortable with who im becoming and growing into each day and the book has allowed me to remember and play out my journey with a little more consciousness and a little more wisdom. So its important for me to package and deliver it to you in a way that i give it a 1000% percent chance for it to succeed to its full capacity, whatever that capacity may be. Its important for me for you to experience and resonate with the magic of the journey i felt in mine and to find your freedom through it. But i warn you, i spare no topic considered taboo. I know jaws will drop and eyes will open wide. I know tears will fall and some anger will rise. I know words of judgement will be thrown at me. Some may be in shock and some minds will be opened. But whichever your reaction will be, i would have done my job, said my 2 cents because after all, what is life without ever anyone hearing your voice. We each have one but not everyone uses it and im choosing to use mine.


One thought on “The wound and the light”

  1. Wow! Beautiful! That intimate space of externalized inner expression is something most do not get to experience – even in intimate relationships unfortunately. But of course the first intimate relationship that must be established for any other intimacies to occur is with the self.

    I’m sure that you will reveal others to themselves, especially if they have not embarked on this journey or do not speak the language.

    So brave! And so generous! Not all are willing to share their sacred space πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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