46333_10154110880581122_6187659920913421946_nPhotography by Nigel Tadyanehondo


….man has but to right himself to find that the universe is right, and during the process of putting himself right, he will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter toward him…” I just read this statement from a book called As the Man Thinketh by James’s a very short book but it’s taken me a week to read the first 10 pages which is almost half of the book…reason it’s taking me so long is because I find it to be soo deep, I find myself reflecting on the words for some time

One thought on “Reflections….”

  1. In a materialistic and capitalist world where most cultures encourage and value gathering of wealth and use it to measure ones happiness, it’s hard to step away from the rat race and figure out what is, instead of what is “supposed ” to be.


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